Finding Your Nitch

My career choice in life is photography, but let's not forget that I'm an artist. So when I'm looking for a job, I am not just looking for jobs that just require photography skills. I want to make use of all of my artistic talents. 

The terrible thing is that recently I have found it very depressing to get the inbox full of  rejection letters that always seem to make your heart stop. I don't want to stop looking, but I don't want to keep looking either. I just want to crawl into a bawl and roll into corner and stay there until the job of my dreams comes to me. 

So instead, what I have doing is applying to all kinds of different kinds of jobs. Film productions, lighting, animation, storyboard artist, animator, etc. Many of the jobs I applied to I don't even think I have experience in. That is just how desperate I am. At this point I am willing just to see who will look at my resume and give me a chance. Maybe I can trick somebody into giving me a job. 

I recently started looking into travel photography. I have saved enough from working so far, Im starting to think about quitting my job and just back pack across crountry and document my travels and sell the photos on stock photography sites. At least then I would be able to make money and have fun at the same time. 

Who knows.... It's so hard to find what you're good at.