Trying New Things...Food Photography

Cakes by Cherise Ezekiel            4 Year Old Birthday Diva Party                August  23, 2015

         So my sister and I can be considered the artists in the family. She recently graduated with a degree in Culinary Arts. She is a Pastry Chef and a very good one. This is one of her creations. She is just like me when it comes to creating a work of art... and yes cake can be considered a work of art. A Pastry chef is very meticulous when it comes to making cakes. They want everything to be perfect down to the last tiny detail. If it tastes to sweet or not sweet enough they will start over from scratch. Trust me, I have watched my sister enough times to know. 

Cakes by Cherise    4 Year Old Diva Birthday Party      August 23, 2015

         My part in all of this is that once she is done I get to take pictures of her work and practice working on my food photography. I want to become a great Food photographer. People don't understand how hard this profession really is. You can't just point a camera at food and take a picture. Its all about the lighting, the placement, and evening the surroundings beind the food. I wish that I had a better placement for the birthday cake, but I had to work with what I had at the moment. 

       Most Food Photographers have hours and hours and days of shooting the same shot over and over again before they get the perfect shot. Soon I hope to get the hang of it.  The image above was taken in my kitchen with just the kitchens fluorescent light, my off camera strobe flash, a white cotton drop background cloth draped on the kitchen table and me holding the camera as tight as I could because I didn't have the space to set up a anything else. 

      To say I did this using manual focus, I think it turned out ok. Of course it is not perfect by no means. The cake is awesome thought. Anybody looking to have a cake made should definitely check my sister out. I am hoping to turn her baking and my photography into a collaborative business in the future. For now, we are just playing around with it. 

      But really though.... Isn't that cake the best you have ever seen!!!! Its amazing man!! Anybody that might be interested and lives near us should express their interest and she will gladly get back to you.  

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Cakes by Cherise  Ezekiel    4 Year Old Diva Birthday Party Cake     August 23, 2015