Getting Your Business Off The Ground

         When I first started my journey to starting my business I was unsure of where to start. I had no idea what to do, who to ask, and where to go. I did not know how to go about getting clients and how much to charge my clients, and even when I did get clients, how to go about getting more clients or what to do when I got clients. I am not sure about what kinds of legal documents I need or how I needed to act around people. I had no idea of how I needed to put myself out there. 

       I have found clients so far by placing adds on craigslist...YES I said it, Craigslist, and of course putting up a page on Facebook. I have had  few bites, but not enough to call myself a true business. I am also doing the good old word of mouth and handing out business card to people that I know. However, I feel that that is still not enough. I feel like I am hitting a wall. There are so many photographers... scratch that.... "wanna be photographers" in the city where I live, that I am competing with to much. 

      At first I felt like nobody wanted to hire me because my prices were to high, but I do all my own work and I am in the business to make money and not lose money. So when people compare my prices to this photographer and that photographer and I look at them and say with me you are getting this this and this for the price of one they look and me like I am crazy but then they still end up going with the other photographer. I feel as if people now ideas just want cheap and not quality work. I just don't know what to do. I have tried to put out specials to get clients but no body is biting. I guess I will just have to keep trying and fighting the good fight until people see how good my quality of work really is. 

       I want my clients to understand that I might charge more than the next person but my work is worth it. I just hope that the people can understand that.