ArtFields 2015!!!!

It's that time of year again!!! This year I can actually say that I am attending as a participant and not simply as just an on looker. I was recently accepted into the ArtFields competition. It is a South East competition for artists that accepts 400 works of art and has a $100,000 grand prize at the end. There are a weeks worth of events and it is going to be great!!! I would really love it if every one would come out and support me!! The piece that I entered is the image that is on the opening of my website. 

To vote for me to win, you have to register. This is my unique artist ID number: 211070. Please come out and vote for me. Or simply come out to Lake city and enjoy the artwork and the festivities and just have some fun. The Florence symphony orchestra plan to put on a show and they never disappoint. A lot artist put in a lot of time and effort and so did a lot of other hard working individuals to make this happen. Please come out and show your support!!!