The struggle of finding a job

Its been almost 3 full months since I graduated from college and I still have yet to find a job in my chosen field or even an internship that will help me get in the door. You can say that it's starting to get a tad depressing. 

I know that these things don't happen quickly, however, with approaching deadline for when I have to start paying the government back the money I borrowed from school, I can't help but worry whether I should bite the bullet and just borrow more money and get a masters degree, or should I fight the good fight and keep applying for jobs until someone says yes. 

Granted I am already in debt and this will put me even more in debt. But I need something to help  boost my spirits. I have to make a decision soon and I don't know what to do. I need help or a prayer or both. Whatever will point me in the right direction.