Writing Your first Entry..... WTF do I say!!!!

I know that as an artist I am supposed to have a natural creative mind to do anything and everything....wrong!!!! I love to write, but that's when I know that the stories are fictional and created from the depths of my imagination. When it comes to writing real life actions and events, thats when my mind goes dead. 

Trust me I struggled in school when it came time to even critic my artwork or anyone else's for that matter. When someone walks up to me and says "describe your work" or "what promoted you to decide to do this?", I freeze up like a snowman and I can't even talk. That's why when it came to making the decision whether or not to start this blog I was a little bit hesitant. I can't even figure out what to say when it comes to writing my artist statements, or cover letters for jobs. So i'm going to keep it real when I say that if this doesn't sound professional, Im sorry, but thats life. 

The only way for me to say the things that I want to say is for me to just say it. I can't stop to think about makes since or how many words I need to use. It's all about getting it to the point. My art is my art, and I can only explain it one way.... my way.