CreativeLive.... The Place for artists.

I recently joined the CreativeLive family, and I have to say it has changed me tremendously as an Artist. This site houses classes that will help any and all types off artist or do it your selfers on the ways of the business, or enhancing certain skills. They offer a wide variety of classes that stream live for free, or can be purchased for you to view at anytime for your convenience. 

The wonderful thing about purchasing classes is that they are yours to keep. You can watch whenever you like as many times as you like and with your purchase you receive free resources to further help you in enhancing your skills. Many classes come with coupons for more classes, or free workbooks that you can download and use at your disposal. 

This site is a great place for photographers especially to find classes and enhance there skills. They offer classes from beginner level to the most advanced skills. Whether it be starting out as a photographer or wanting to enhance your Photoshop or Lightroom skills, CreativeLive has everything you could ever need. 

Do as I did and take the plunge today. Dive into the site and start enhancing your skills. Sign on, join for free and start watching today.